Life is a journey not a destination
—Vincent Van Gogh

February - April 2017


World Explorations Speaker Series

World Explorations is a monthly speaker series designed to introduce you to local travelers, professors, and community members who share their unique insights and experiences.

All talks are free and open to the public and are held at the Chico Women's Club located at 592 E. Third Street in Chico from 4:00 -5:00 pm.


The CSU-Chico Certificate and Masters Program in Museum Studies

COURSES: Museum Administration, Conservation, Exhibit Design and Interpretation, Exhibit Installation, Graphic Communications, Public Relations, Museum Finances and Operations, Data Collection. INTERNSHIPS: Museum Studies Internship, Internship Program in Art, History Internship, Internship in Human Resource Management.


Museum exhibits are open during the spring semester. We hope that with further space and funding we may be able to expand to a year-round exhibit



This overview explains the "Museum Studies Program" at Cal State-Chico. The 4-year curriculum offers continual student-prepared museum installations, which are celebrated at a Grand Opening every year.

Featuring an interview with Dr. Smith, the film brings authenticity and insight into the benefits of the program. Video includes Museum Co-director, Dr. Georgia Fox's "Exhibit Research, Design and Installation" class.  Incorporating an original music score, with dynamic footage of the 2010 Exhibition, led by Co-Director, Dr. Stacy Schaefer, gives an experiential texture of images, sound-effects, and cinema-vérité excitement.


The First Student Show: "On Top of the World"

A 5-minute video tour of the first student show, "On Top Of The World". Your guide is Dr. Smith, who made arctic culture her life study.


Students prepare the exhibits involving a central theme during the fall semester each year.